What now? 🤔

Introducing my newsletter 🗞

I know I’m far from alone in saying that 2020 has been… challenging.

I’m someone with bias for action and making things happen, but since covid, a family health scare and being laid-off from a dream job, I’ve been forced to pause and reflect.

I’ve taken time to focus on my family, my (mental) heath and to think deeply about what now?

And I’ve decided to start a newsletter. This newsletter.


I like writing. I’ve written sporadically in the past about my experiences building startups, as well as personal things like taking a year off drinking alcohol.

My recent post about about being laid-off from Airbnb got almost 30k views. Maybe other people like my writing too?

So why not do it more regularly in newsletter form I thought?

What’s it about?

My journey has not been a usual one, it’s been an adventure.

I’ll share some of that journey, my personal experiences, as well as learnings, tools and resources that may be useful to other people.

I also have plans to build it in to more than just a newsletter - to a community of like-minded folks around the world.

Who’s it for?

This is a newsletter for people who’ve never grown up (in a good way), people who (want to) make things happen and chase their dreams, who are curious and constantly inspired by new people, places, experiences and ideas.

I hope you’ll join me - sign up now so you don’t miss the first issue.